Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Event 21: Finian Anuforo - 1st Place

$350 + $50 + 100 Big Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH

Finian Anuforo - 1st Place - $31,161

Finian Anuforo (Queens, NY) is your Event 21 Champion. He wins the Borgata trophy, the Blue Shark Optics shades, and $31,161 for his 17 hours of hard work.

This represents Finian's first ever Borgata tournament and obviously his biggest cash.

Anuforo knocked out 8 other players and collected $800 in bounties. The 28 year old accountant has been playing poker for five years.

Congratulations again to Finian Anuforo for outlasting 340 other players and finishing on top at Borgata for $31,161.


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