Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Event 20: Saying Goodbye

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH

Amarender Puri - 32nd Place - $16,352

Amarender Puri's 10-10 just lost to Vanessa Selbst's Q-5. Vanessa was making a move and shoved over half of her stack pre-flop. Puri flatted then jammed the flop of 6-9-Q.

Vanessa holding top pair called. She had to sweat as Puri picked up an open ended straight draw when a Jack hit the turn. Alas a brick on the river sent Amarender home.

Amarender came in 35th place in last week's Borgata $750 satellite and won $1700. He then immediately went to a roulette table and put it all on black. Mission accomplished, Amarender had enough for his Championship buy-in.

He was extremely happy to turn that initial $750 into 32nd place prize of $16,352.

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