Friday, September 9, 2011

Event 3: Recap

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

The first non-Hold Em' event of Borgata's 2011 Poker Open drew a field of 190 players with a prizepool of $66,500.

Omaha 8B specialist, Chris Reslock, wasn't able to build any traction and busted earlier than expected. Other notable bustouts included, Brent Keller, who sealed his fate shortly before the Dinner Break.

Ilya Dement (Brooklyn, NY) exploited the tight play during the "Money Bubble" and never looked back. Primarily a No Limit tournament player, Ilya has recently honed his skills in a variety of games. The hard work and countless hours spent in New York city underground games almost paid off, but his 18 hours of play ended with a 2nd place finish.

Ilya found himself heads-up with an unfamiliar face and virtually unknown, Yuebin Guo. Both players batttled for the trophy but after the final hand was dealt, the New York City businessman and stranger to the poker world held all the chips and the Borgata trophy.

Yuebin admitted to getting lucky in some key spots.

"I hit the right card a few time, but i was happy with my play over the course of today."

Congrats to our new Champion of the 2011 series, we hope to see Yuebin entered in future Borgata tournaments.

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