Thursday, September 15, 2011

Event 14 Recap

$200 + $30 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

At 11:00am 1218 players entered The Event Center and slapped down an affordable $200 + $30 to take their shot at winning a piece of the whopping $236,292 Total-Buy In.

Keep in mind this was a deep stack with a Re-Entry so players were given plenty of opportunity and chips (25,000) to really play some poker. The $100,000 guarantee was very nice as well.

At the end of the 19 1/2 hour marathon match, Michael Watters (Queens, NY) was able to win every one of the 30,450,000 chips off a talented, grueling final table.

Tons of Borgata regulars bought into this tournament. Familiar faces such as Mike Summers
Steve Ryan, Niko Markatos, Justin Finberg, Ryan Eriquezzo, Lee Childs, Jonathan Little, Allan Lubin, Chris Valence, James Boyle, Lisa Pickell, Eric 'clownfish' Doerr, Gordon Eng, and Dean Schultz joined the felt.

Gavin Smith made an appearance and put his last chips in holding 5-3 suited on a Q-6-4 flop. Mike 'Little Man' Sica had him covered and bet with A-Q. Gavin missed his draw and was out.

100 players made the cash after Ted Kaplun (Philadelphia, PA) had A-K vs A-K and lost to a flush. Wow, what a sick bubble.

Last Woman Standing was a battle between May Siu and Darlene Jackson. Darlene was down to 5 big blinds after the bubble and made a comeback to take down the LWS and impressively finished in 7th place overall for $8,388. May finished in 18th.

The final table started at the wee hours of the morning and included: Marcello Calabrese, Earl King, Daniel Nolan (CL), Michael Watters, Matthew Piccolo, Jack Sorkin, Darlene Jackson, Chris McCabe, Stephen Mehl, and Dan Dizenzo.

Daniel Nolan lost two key hands and just like that was out in 6th place for $10,515.

3rd place of $18,903 went to Marcello Calabrese whose wife also played in the tournament.
2nd place in the amount of $31,238, after a quick heads up was awarded to Chris McCabe.

But once again your Event 14 Deep Stack winner was Michael Watters who enjoys a huge payday of $51,974. An incredible return on an investment of only $200 + $30.

Perhaps he was destined to win. Congratulations again.

Now go get some sleep!

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