Saturday, September 10, 2011

Event 5: Recap

350 + $50 NL Seniors

Event #5 (Seniors)
Number of Entrants: 226
Total Buy-In: $79,100

Fabio Balboni bulldozed the Seniors Final Table from start to finish.

He gained an overwhelming Chiplead shortly after the Money Bubble broke and never looked back.

Poker veterans Chris Reslock, Mike "Little Man" Sica and Billy Seymour fought and clawed, but eventually fell short to the new found poker champ.

The 50-year old New Yorker was all smiles as he lifted the Borgata trophy and checked the payout sheet to see he was $21,481 dollars richer.

His first poker victory was summed up nicely when he called his wife to simply say, "Honey, I won."

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