Friday, September 9, 2011

Event 5: Seniors Event Payouts

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Event #5
Number of Entrants: 226
Players remaining: 18
Total Buy-In: $79,100

1 - $21,481
2 - $12,660
3 - $7,289
4 - $5,908
5 - $4,604
6 - $3,836
7 - $3,069
8 - $2,302
9 - $1,535
10-12 $997
13-15 $844
16-18 $767
19-27 $691

Event 4: Bubble Refuses to Burst

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

There was a short-stack all-in on table 5 with two callers, but he survived to triple up.

Hand-for-hand play continues.

Blinds are up to 1,500/3,000 with 400 antes.

To Valeska:  Adel says "I love you, baby!"

And the bubble drags on.

Event 5: Senior Grind

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Borgata Staff has announced a re-draw in the Seniors Event,
the last 18 players are down to 2 tables.

Local pros, Chris Reslock and Mike "Little Man" Sica are still
alive with average chip stacks.

Media favorite Tony "Gorilla Sr" is also in the hunt.

Event #5
Number of Entrants: 226
Players remaining: 18
Total Buy-In: $79,100

Event 4: Bubble Continues

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

Chris Chatman raised, Daniel Steen re-raised, seat 3 moved all-in, and Chris asked for the count.  He decided to fold (AK).  Daniel called the all-in, showing pocket Queens.  His opponent had pocket Kings and they held up for the double.

Looks like Ron Padilla is still the chip leader with ~180k.

Still 37 players, still hand-for-hand.

Mike Dentale wants to sent a shout-out to his wife & kids, Juliette, Nicolette, & Adriana -- so this it is!

Event 4: Dentale Tanks, Calls

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

On the river with a board of 9 3 2 4 7 (back-door diamonds), seat one bet 30k (about half the pot).  Mike Dentale went into the tank.

Play is still hand-for-hand on the bubble and the hands were completed on all the other tables, so a crowd gathered around Mike's table to see what was going on. 

Mike eventually turned up his cards,  K 9 of hearts, for top pair.  If he called and lost, Mike would have between 50k and 60k left.

Mike eventually decided to call and his opponent mucked.  Mike collected the pot, chipping up to about 160k  He also collected a warning for exposing his hand with action pending.  A second infraction would result in a penalty.

Event 5: Loyal Ladies

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Despite an early exit from Event #5 (Seniors),
these ladies remain loyal railbirds.

Coffee and good conversation has kept them wide-awake so far, we hope they'll stay with us as the final 3 tables play for $21,481 and the Borgata trophy.

(from L to R)
Patricia (random Photo-bomber), Lynn and Barbra

Event 4: Lango Doubles Thru Chatman

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

By the time I got back to the floor after the last post, Chris Chatman had lost half his chips.  According to Sean Lango, (Harrison, NJ) he got all-in with AK against Chris' pocket Jacks.

The flop came K K J, giving Chris Jacks-full and Sean trip Kings.  The turn was an uneventful 9, then an Ace hit the river, giving Sean Kings-full and the double-up.  He's up to about 150k. 

Blinds went up to 1,200/2,400 with 300 antes.

They're down to 37 players and playing hand-for-hand on the bubble.

Event 5: Senior "Bubble Boy"

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Elliot Reiter (Old Bridge, NJ) takes one last look at the wreckage before turning to smile for an official "Bubble Boy" picture.

The remaining 27 players are in the money,
19th - 27th place will earn $691.

Event 4: Al's Aces Flushed

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

Chris Chatman (Stone Ridge, VA) opened for 6k, then Al Riccobono (Ossining, NY) moved in for 30k.  The player on Al's left flat-called, then Chris re-shoved for another 54,400.  After a few minutes in the tank, the caller called again.

When the hands were tabled, Al was way ahead with pocket Aces. Chris held AK offsuit and the third player had AQ offsuit.

 Chris Chatman

The board ran out 8 7 3 9 T -- with four hearts -- and the only player holding a heart was Chris, who had the Ace.

Al pounded the table and headed for the exit.  He finished in 40th place, just four from the money.

With that pot, Chris chipped up to over 200k and possibly the chip lead.

*** 1:00 am update:  Chris Chatman busted out in 30th place ($888).

Event 5: Money Bubble

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Borgata Staff just announced a 10-minute color up break,
the next elimination leaves the remaining 27 players in the money.

Mike "Little Man" Sica offers up his advice to the last 3 tables.
"Don't be the bubble boy... or girl"

Event #5
Number of Entrants: 226
Players remaining: 28
Total Buy-In: $79,100

Chip Counts:
Tommy Ingram (Sharpsburg, MD) - 257,500
Charles Newark (Chapel Hill, NC) - 251,000
Ed Sebrowski (East Hanover, NJ) - 178,500
Mike Walls (Newark, DE) - 152,00
Nick Sciarabba (New york, NY) - 141,000

Event 4: Blinds Up

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em    

Back from break and play has resumed with blinds of 1k/2k and 300 antes.

44 players remain.  Eight more will leave with nothing.  The final 36 players are guaranteed to earn at least $888.

Event 4: Out, Up, & Down

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

Russell Crane has busted out and departed.

DL's stack has been up and down today.  He just busted an player who was short-stacked and all-in with KQ.  DL held AT.  The board came A K 9 6 J and DL took the pot with a pair of Aces.  He's back up to ~150k.

Mike Dentale ran pocket Queens into pocket Aces and was sharp enough to get away from the Queens on a Jack-high flop.  He was happy to get moved to a new table with his remaining ~80k stack.

End of level and time for a break.

44 players remain.  36 get paid. 

Event 5: Two Ladies are Left

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

With only 30 players left, 2 young ladies are still in the hunt.

We asked both to provide a quote for the blog,
here's what we got:

Linda Cicala (Annapolis, MD)
"Women can fight to the finish...Oh, and my daughter-in-law is a Cheerleader for the Redskins"

Francis Bartolone (Columbus, NJ)
"I'm short-stacked and need some help"

Event 4: Padilla Up; Kirsch Out

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

Ron Padilla (New York, NY) has chipped up to ~170k and is challenging for the chip lead.

 Ron Padilla

'Lucky' Lee Kirsch has not been so lucky today.  He got his last few chips in with 98 off and got called by a player holding 65 of spades.  Despite being ahead pre-flop, a 6 and two spades hit the flop, leaving Lee with few outs.

None of those outs appeared on the board and Lee hit the rail.

Event 5: Senior Out in Front

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Back from Dinner Break and ready to gamble, the Seniors Event has a new Chipleader.

With only 30 players left, the cousin of Jim Boyd and long-time card player tells Borgata Poker Blog, "my prediction is, I'm gonna' win."

Tommy Ingram (Sharpsburg, MD)
239,000 chips

Event 4: Too Close To Call

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

The short-stacks are dropping quickly.

One player was all-in pre-flop with three callers, including big stack Manh Nguyen.  They checked down the board.  At the river, the short-stack only had a pair of 8s and was bested by Manh, who had paired the Ace in his hand.

Another player reported to the rail while Manh chipped up to ~165k.  The chip lead is now too close to call between Manh and Daniel Steen.

54 players remain at six tables.  Only36 will get paid.

Average stack is now almost 68k.

Event 4: DL Picks Up a Pot

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

'DL' (bb) check-called his opponent until the river, when he led out for 13,400 on a board of Q 7 5 T 7.  His opponent on the button tanked for a few minutes, then let it go.  With that pot, DL was back up to about 100k.

Just a few minutes remain in the level and 60 players are still in the hunt.

Event 4: 61 Players Remain

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

In very short order, all seven tables were 9-handed and there were a couple more empty seats.

61 players remain, making the average stack 60k (50 big blinds at 600/1,200).

 Daniel Steen

Daniel Steen (Pittsburgh, PA) has claimed the chip lead with about 175k.  He's currently sharing the felt on table two with Al Riccobono and Mike Dentale

Event 4: Back In Action

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em     

Players have returned from dinner and the first order of business was to break table 8.  The 70 remaining players are now at the final 7 tables.

Now as players bust out, the tables will be made 9-handed.

Blinds are 600/1,200 with 200 antes and cards are back in the air!

Event 5: Go Eat!

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Seniors are on Dinner Break,
the action picks back up after the 1-hour break.

Borgata Media favorite, Tony "Gorilla Sr" Shurilla broke the 100k chip mark shortly before he debated "roast beef sandwich or pizza?"

Veteran Pros, Chris Reslock and Al Krux are also still alive and healthy with chips.

Event 2 Recap

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

It was cupcakes vs cookies as two bakers battled at the final table, but in the end it was Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) who took home the largest piece of cake.

"It's a big accomplishment for me," said Roitman, the New York bakery owner, "I never make it this deep. Usually I bust out right after the bubble breaks. This is exciting."

Roitman beat Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) heads-up to clinch his first career live tournament win and take home $43,359. Roitman won the final coin flip with A J to beat Payne's pocket 5s.

"I didn't care about the money, I really wanted the win," said Payne, who was one of the chip leaders most of Day 2. Payne, who earned $24,382 for his runner-up finish, added that he played better in this tournament than his 2010 WSOP Main Event 42nd place finish.

The final table featured an inordinate number of suck outs and double-ups that had players trading chips all night. The biggest miracle came during 5-handed play when Heather Mercer (New York, NY) hit a one-outer against Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY) to stay alive.

Mercer (4th/$12,453), whose on-line bakery specializes in cookies, finished just behind Pistone (3rd/$15,675), who is a full-time pro.

The field began with 513 players who put up $179,550 in total buy-ins and featured WSOP bracelet holder Mike "Little Man" Sica. Other familiar faces included 2011 Borgata Spring Poker Open Champion Russell Crane and Dave Inselberg, who had a WPT televised runner-up finish in 2010.

Payne (Centerville, OH) was the chip leader heading into Day 2 as 23 players returned for a shot at the title. One of his biggest threats was Ryan Eriquezzo (Danbury, CT), who was third in chips
to start the day.

But Eriquezzo, who won the 6-max in the 2011 Winter Poker Open, found his 13th Borgata cash to be unlucky as his pocket jacks were cracked by a set of 6s. He finished a disappointing 21st for $958.

Rounding out the top 5 was Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY) who finished 5th for $9,753, but it was Roitman who had the winning recipe.

"I haven't played in awhile because of work," said Kleyman who praised everyone at the final table especially Payne. "He's a great player and one of the best players I've played with in a long time."

Event 2 Winner - Roitman

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY)
After swapping the chip lead, Roitman finishes off Jerry Payne to win the title, the trophy and the Blue Shark Optics sunglasses.

Payne open ships 18 big blinds with pocket 5s and Roitman calls with A J. Roitman wins the flip as he secures the biggest live score of his career.

"It's a big accomplishment for me," says the New York bakery owner, "I never make it this deep. Usually I bust out right after the bubble breaks. This is exciting."

Roitman says he used to play a lot on-line, but is now trying to play live as much as he can. He'll shuttle back and forth to his business during the rest of the Borgata Poker Open and with the $43,359 prize money is looking forward into playing in bigger buy-in events.

Event 2: 2nd Place - Payne

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH)

After trailing Dennis Roitman to start heads up play, Payne flips the chips and takes the lead only to see it head back to Roitman on a double-up.

Roitman's pocket 10s hold against Payne's A K, sending 2.5 million to the eventual champion.

Payne has been a poker pro for more than 4 years and says, "this is the best I've played in a live event, including my run at the WSOP." He finished 42nd in 2010 knocking out Borgata regular Josh Brikis along the way.

"I didn't care about the money, I really wanted the win."

Payne is a former retail store manager who says he's been "engaged for awhile," and will be playing "all the events," during the rest of the Borgata Poker Open.

Event 2: Heads Up

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Roitman & Payne with an Eye on the Prize

Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) and Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) are heads up for the title.

Roitman has the edge in chips 3.7 million to 2.4 million.

Blinds are 25k/50k/5k ante

Roitman Ponders the Flop

Event 5: Senior Sharks

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Familiar faces make for friendly banter in Event #5.

Mike "Little Man" Sica enjoys a laugh after Chris Reslock jokingly asks his long time friend, "This is the Seniors Event, Can I see your ID?"

Both Seniors are well accomplished poker pros, keep an eye on these "over-the-hill sharks" as play continues after Dinner Break.

Mike "Little Man" Sica
North Brunswick, NJ
$1,149,937 - Career Earnings

Chris Reslock
Atlantic City, NJ
$1,708,926 - Career Earnings

Event 2: 3rd Place - Pistone

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY)

Pistone's tournament ends when he moves all in with K♠ Q♣ , but is up against Dennis Roitman's A♣ K♣ . Pistone doesn't get help from the board and the full-time pro is out in third place.

"I felt I could have won, but the one-outer really hurt," he says, lamenting how Heather Mercer hit the case three on the river to stay alive earlier at the final table. "I was at my highest point (1 million chips), but after that couldn't get any hands."

Pistone says he'll play in as many Borgata events as his bankroll allows and his goal is to play in the televised WPT Championship Event.

Event 4: Dinner Time

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em    

'Lucky' Lee Kirsch continues to live up to his moniker.  After the player on his right opened for a raise, Lee moved his short-stack all-in.  He got two callers, both of whom held AK. 

Lee had pocket 9s and they held up.  He tripled up to ~35k.

At the end of the level, 70 remaining players were sent on a dinner break.  Play will resume at about 8:20pm.

Event 2: 4th Place - Mercer

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Heather Mercer (New York, NY)

Mercer's elimination is nondescript compared to the hand that crippled her earlier in 4-handed play.

Angelo Pistone opened the action to 130k (blinds 25k/50k), Mercer moves all in from the button for 1.4 million, Jerry Payne calls from the big blind with less, and Pistone steps aside.

Mercer: 6♠ 6
Pistone: K♠ K

Flop: 7♠ 6♣ 7♣ (Mercer full house)

Turn: 5♣ (no change)

River: 7 (Pistone higher full house)

Mercer sees her full house collapse as Pistone hits a four outer to stay alive and double his 1.1 million bet. Mercer is cut to 340k.

"I couldn't believe how many incredible suck outs there were at the final table," says the New York City bakery owner, who hit a one outer to stay alive herself.

Mercer says the bakery is in good hands while she and her fiancee will continue to play events throughout the Borgata Poker Open. "If something happens, it's a short trip back to the city."

Event 5: 46 Remain

$350 + $50 NL Seniors 

Only 46 Seniors remain in the battle for a piece of the prize pool.

As they near the end of level 13, Tommy Ingram (Sharpsburg, MD) has emerged as the chip leader.  He's got about 160k. 

 Tommy Ingram

He also happens to be sitting to the left of Mike 'Little Man' Sica, who's up to nearly 100k.

At the end of the level, they'll take ten, then return for level 14 with blinds of 1,500/3,000 with 400 antes.

Event 5: Payouts

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Entries:  226
Total Buy-In:  $79,100

Place - Amount

1st  $21,481
2nd $12,660
3rd  $7,289
4th  $5,908
5th  $4,604
6th  $3,836
7th  $3,069
8th  $2,302
9th  $1,535
10-12 $997
13-15 $844
16-18 $767
19-27 $691

Event 2: What's at Stake

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Place - Amount

1st $43,359
2nd $24, 342
3rd $15,675
4th $12,453

Event 2: Chip Counts

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) 3.4 million
Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) 1.1 million
Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY) 830k
Heather Mercer (New York, NY) 805k

Players are on a 10 minute color-up break as the orange (1k) chips are removed from play.

Next level: 30k/60k/5k ante

Event 4: Payouts

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em   

Entries:  305
Total Buy-In:  $152,500

Place - Amount

1st $39,941
2nd $22,189
3rd $13,757
4th $11,094
5th $8,580
6th $7,248
7th $5,843
8th $4,364
9th $2,959
10-12 $1,923
13-15 $1,479
16-18 $1,257
19-27 $1,109
28-36 $888

Event 4: Chip Leader

$500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em  

Russell Crane and 'DL' tangled again.  This time the flop was K J 4 and Russell (button) was all-in.  DL was in the big blind and gave it some thought, then tossed in the chips to call. 

Russell held K T offsuit for top pair.  DL held A8 off (one overcard).

The last two community cards changed nothing and Russell doubled up to ~60k.  DL was left with about 100k.

 Manh Nguyen

Across the room, Manh Nguyen (Pittsburgh, PA) has emerged as the new chip leader.  He's up to about 150k.

They're currently playing 2,500/5,000 blinds with 500 antes.  Eleven tables (fewer than 110 players) remain.

Event 2: 5th Place - Kleyman

$350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY)

Blinds 20k/40k/4k ante

Dennis Roitman raises to 105k
Kleyman moves all in for 700k total, Roitman calls

Roitman: 9♣ 9♠
Kleyman: A♣ Q

Flop: 10♠ Q♠ 5♠ (Kleyman leads with pair of queens)

Turn: A (Kleyman with two pairs, but Roitman still has outs, including a flush draw)

River: 9

The river gives Roitman a set of 9s and the knockout. He now has more than half the chips in play with 3.3 million.

Event 5: Stayin' Alive

$350 + $50 NL Seniors

Eight tables remain as the last couple of minutes of level ten ticked away.  Blinds increased to 800/1,600 with 200 antes.

The length of the levels has also increased to 40 minutes for the remainder of the tournament.

James Boyd (Martinsburg, WV) won the Seniors event here during the 2010 Borgata Spring Open, good for $18,385.  He will not be repeating here today as he has already busted out.

Still in:
Chris Reslock ~45k
James 'Suits' Salters ~25k
Mike 'Little Man' Sica ~57k
Tony Shurilla ~35k

No players have yet crossed the 100k mark, but a couple are getting close.  Chip lead is too close to call at this point.

Leaderboard Update (9/9)

Borgata Poker Open Leaderboard Update

By participating in any Borgata Poker Open event (September 7-23, 2011), players will earn points based upon the Borgata Poker Tournament Leaderboard Formula.

Winners will be announced Monday, September 26:
  • 1st Place: $3,500 Entry for Borgata Fall Poker Open (November 9-23, 2011) 
  • 2nd - 4th Place: Sony Web TV 
  • 5th - 7th Place: Apple iPod Touch 
  • 8th - 10th Place: Nikon digital camera
Below are the top 100 scores for the Borgata Poker Open Leaderboard contest through September 8 events*
*(Final Results from events 1, 3, 25, 26, 27, 28)

    225.713 PTS:  BRIAN FOX (SEWARD, PA)
    181.440 PTS:  TA WEY (HACKENSACK, NJ)

    Event 4: Crane Collects

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em 

    Down to 13 tables now as they approach then end of level 8 (300/600 blinds, 75 antes).

    Russell Crane (Howell, NJ) won a No Limit event at Foxwoods in March ($37k), then won the Borgata Spring Open Championship in April (almost $277k), then won the Borgata Deep Stack Double Play event in August ($148k). 

     Russell Crane

    He's on quite a heater with three wins for over $460,000 already this year.  He's trying to continue that streak here today.

    Russell was in the cutoff and tangled with "DL" on the button.  On the turn, the board read 9 5 2 6 and Russell checked.  DL bet 2,775 and got check-raised to 9,050.  After spending some time in the tank, DL opted to fold and Russell collected the pot, chipping up to ~25k.

    Despite surrendering that pot, DL is still the chip leader with about 135k.

    Event 2: Trading Chips

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    The last hour has seen chips move around the table as the short stacks continue to double-up.

    The most dramatic hand is Heather Mercer vs Angelo Pistone

    Mercer open shoves for 412k and with more than 1 million chips, Pistone calls.

    Mercer: 3♣ 3♠
    Pistone: Ac 9♠

    Flop: 8♠ 9 8 (Pistone leads with two pairs, 9s and 8s)

    Turn: 5 (no change)

    River 3 (Mercer set of 3s)

    Mercer doubles to 900k, while Pistone drops to 600k. Pouring salt on the wound is Eugene Kleyman saying he folded a three, meaning Mercer hit a one outer to stay alive.

    Event 5: OG Busts One

    $350 + $50 NL Seniors

    After a short-stack moved all-in, action folded around to Tony 'Original Gorilla' Shurilla in the big blind.  Tony called the extra chips, showing K6 offsuit.  The at-risk player was slightly ahead with A5 offsuit.

    They a King came on he flop and a 6 hit the river, giving OG Tony two pair and the pot.  His opponent headed for the door.  Tony chipped up to ~35k.

    The Seniors have completed level 9 and are taking a break while the green 25 chips are colored up and removed from play.

    Ten tables remain leaving fewer than 100 players in action.

    Event 5: Sica Doubles

    $350 + $50 NL Seniors

    Mike 'Little Man' Sica got all-in pre-flop holding pocket Kings.  He was in good shape, up against Jacquelyn Scott's pocket Jacks.

     Jacquelyn Scott and Mike Sica look on as the dealer counts out their chips

    "I didn't think you had Kings." Jacquelyn said. 

    The Kings held up as the board ran out 9 6 2 T 3.  Mike doubled up to nearly 60k. 

    He's hoping to last longer in this event than he did his first tournament today.  Mike played he 11am $500 No Limit event, but busted out early.  So far, so good.

    Event 2: Chip Counts

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Name-Chip Count

    Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) 2.53 million
    Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY) 1.276 million
    Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) 1.19 million
    Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY) 700k
    Heather Mercer (New York, NY) 454k

    Blinds 15k/30k/4k ante

    Event 4: Agony for Adam's Aces

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em  

    Adam Lippert (Brooklyn, NY) got his last chips on an innocent-looking flop holding pocket Aces.  Unfortunately Adam's opponent was holding pocket 5s and had flopped a set. 

    No miracle reached the board as the last two cards fell and Adam was dispatched.

    He's in good company as players are rapidly reporting to the rail.

    Only 14 tables remain (fewer than 140 players).  They're currently in level 7 with blinds of 250/500 and 50 antes, but blinds will be going up soon.

    Event 2: Huge Pot

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Blinds: 12/24k/3k ante

    Dennis Roitman opens for 55k from the button
    Jerry Payne 3-bets to 240k from the small blind, Roitman calls.

    Flop: 3♣ 7♠ 2♠

    Payne leads for 215k
    Roitman jams for 1 million on top
    Payne calls

    Payne: K K♠ (pair of kings lead)
    Roitman 10 7

    Turn: 4
    River: 7

    Trip 7s has everyone, but Roitman feeling ill. Payne (1.3 million) feels the pain as he sends the chip lead to Roitman (2.3 million)

    Event 2: 6th Place - Wiley

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Jim Wiley (North Bergen, NY)

    Wiley and Eugene Kleyman are all in and for the second straight knockout it's pair vs pair. Kleyman's 9s hold vs 8s and Wiley sends 390k across the table.

    Event 5: Name Dropping

    $350 + $50 NL Seniors

    The Seniors are chugging along in the back of the Event Center.  They've got 15 tables still in action.

    WSOP bracelet holder Chris Reslock has turned up, sharing a table with James Boyd.

    WSOP bracelet holder Mike 'Little Man' Sica is also in action again today.

    Also spotted:
    Bob Santilli
    Michael Shasho
    James 'Suits' Salters

    Event 2: 7th Place - Boatwright

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Daryl Boatwright (Sicklerville, NJ)

    Boatwright opens to 85k (blinds 12k/24k) UTG. Jerry Payne moves all in from the SB putting Boatwright to the test. After going in the tank, Boatwright puts his remaining 315k in the middle.

    Boatwright: 10 10
    Payne: J J

    Payne's jacks hold and Boatwright is out in 7th place. Payne extends his chip lead and now has 2.4 million.

    Event 4: Tough Table

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em 

    At the end of level 6, players were sent on a ten minute break.

    They're already down to 17 tables.  Seats are opening up quickly.

    Just before the break, Al Riccobono got no call on his river shove, so he's still alive.

     Lee Kirsch, Greg Merritt, and David Inselberg

    Table 11 is looking particularly tough.  'Lucky' Lee Kirsch (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) is in seat 2.  Lee's patience paid off in event 1, where he held on to finish 65th for $1,466. 

    Greg Merritt (Frenchtown, NJ) is in seat 3.  He has several cashes and final tables at Borgata, including a third place finish during the 2011 Summer Poker Open ($10,026).

    David 'Stone Cold' Inselberg (Long Beach, NY) was runner-up in the World Poker Finals WPT event in October 2010 (over $325k) and cashed in the main event of the WSOP this summer.  He's got over half a million in lifetime reported tournament earnings.

    Micky Woll (Manahawkin, NJ) just got moved to the 8 seat.  He's a frequent flier here at Borgata and has numerous tournament cashes both here and elsewhere.

    Event 2: 8th Place - Wychunas

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Leonard Wychunas (Pine Grove, PA)

    Wychunas risks his last 200k with A5 against the pocket 7s of Jerry Payne and his monster stack. The 7s hold and Wychnuas is out in 8th place.

    Payne continues to hold the chip lead with more than 2 million chips.

    Event 2: 9th Place - Dizenzo

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Dan Dizenzo (Sussex, NJ)

    James Wiley min raises to 40k, Dizenzo 3-bet jams for 180k, and Eugene Kleyman 4-bet reshoves forcing Wiley to fold.

    Dizenzo: J♣ J
    Kleyman: 7♠ 8♠

    Flop: A 9 10 (Dizenzo leads with pair of jacks, Kleyman open ended )
    Turn: 6 (Keyman hits the straight)
    River: X

    Dizenzo is out in 9th place, while Kleyman now has 650k

    Event 2: 10th Place - Daconti

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Daniel Daconti (Mount Laurel, NJ)
    Daconti moves his last 200k all in UTG with AK and is up against the pocket 8s of Dennis Roitman. The 8s hold and Daconti is out in 10th place as Roitman continues to battle Jerry Payne for the chip lead.

    Event 5: Luck Is A Lady Today

    $350 + $50 NL Seniors

    "I'd rather be lucky than good" is a common line, usually uttered after a suck-out around the poker table.

    Jacquelyn Scott (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) is counting herself lucky today.  She moved in with pocket Tens and got snap-called by a player holding pocket Kings. 

     Jacquelyn Scott

    It appeared that Jacquelyn was destined for the rail, but then the board ran out 9 8 5 6 7, putting a 9-high straight on the board.  Jacquelyn's Tens gave her a higher straight and the double-up.

    Event 2: Final Table Chip Counts

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Mercer Makes Final Table as
    Last Woman Standing

    Seat-Name-Chip Count

    1 Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY) 697k
    2 Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY) 520k
    3 Heather Mercer (New York, NY) 538k
    4 Leonard Wychunas (Pine Grove, PA) 220k
    5 Jim Wiley (North Bergen, NY) 425k
    6 Daniel Daconti (Mount Laurel, NJ) 212k
    7 Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) 1.4 million
    8 Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) 1.5 million
    9 Daryl Boatwright (Sicklerville, NJ) 454k
    10 Dan Dizenzo (Sussex, NJ) 180k

    Roitman and Payne, the two big stacks, side-by-side.

    Blinds 10k/10k/3k ante, average stack 616k.

    Event 4: Grinding Away

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em

    Players are settling in for the grind now.  23 tables are in action with nearly 230 players looking for a big score.

    It will be a long haul, since they have to play until 2am, then return Saturday for day two.

    Here are some of the tournament regulars I spotted:

    Adam Lippert
    Adel Shakerian
    Alan Colon
    'Action' Bob Hwang
    Daniel Chan
    'Lucky' Lee Kirsch
    David 'Stone Cold' Inselberg
    Matt 'muffins' Mazzeo
    Brandon Guss
    Mike Dentale
    Wooyang Lin
    Tony Antonious
    Mickey Woll
    Frank Gangemi
    Russell Crane
    Barry Levinthal

    Event 2: 11th Place - Rosow

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Chad Rosow (New York, NY)

    Rosow is all in with A 3 from the small blind, but is dominated by Dennis Roitman's A 10. The 10 kicker holds and Rosow scoops the last 180k of Rosow's chips.

    Event 2: 12th Place - Fernandez

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Jacobo Fernandez (Bronx, NY)

    Fernandez and Angelo Pistone are nearly identical in chips when the hands are tabled.

    Fernandez: A 4
    Pistone: 10 10

    The pocket 10s hold and when they count down the stacks, Fernandez has 282k vs 280k, leaving him with only 2k which is gone on the next hand.

    Seat Swap

    Borgata Poker Open

    Al Griming his way Through Another Field

    After Ryan Eriquezzo (Danbury, CT) busted in 21st place, he immediately registered and is now playing in Event #4 (NL $560), but he isn't the only one multi-tabling today.

    Al Grimes (Miller Place, NY) was ousted from the $560 when he suffered set over set at the hands of Omar Ghanim (Englewood, NJ) early in the event.

    Grimes is now trying his luck in the Seniors Event.

    "Hey, I'm 54," he says when questioned about his age eligibility. "I didn't even know there was a seniors, so it's nice to get a second chance."

    The silver lining to his elimination is that he can now play with a few silver hairs.

    Event 2: 13th Place - Chehanske

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Jon Chehanske (Howell, NJ)

    Event 2: Chip Counts

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Table 1

    Seat-Name-Chip Count

    1 Jacobo Fernandez (Bronx, NY) 280k
    3 Leonard Wychunas (Pine Grove, PA) 329k
    5 Chad Rosow (New York, NY) 238k
    6 Angelo Pistone (Hicksville, NY) 469k
    7 Dennis Roitman (Brooklyn, NY) 980k
    8 Heather Mercer (New York, NY) 625k

    Table 2

    Seat-Name-Chip Count

    1 Jim Wiley (North Bergen, NY) 230k
    3 Daniel Daconti (Mount Laurel, NJ) 235k
    4 Daryl Boatwright (Sicklerville, NJ) 530k
    5 Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) 1.5 million
    7 Dan Dizenzo (Sussex, NJ) 237k
    8 Jon Chehanske (Howell, NJ) 225k
    9 Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY) 240k

    Event 2: 14th Place - Cameron

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Levi Cameron (Front Royal,VA)

    Event 2: 15th Place - Lee

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Christopher Lee (Brooklyn, NY)

    Event 2: 16th Place - Lungociu

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Stephanie Lungociu (Gaithersburg, MD)

    Event 2: 17th Place - Hewitt

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Brian Hewitt (Staten Island, NY)

    Event 2: 18th Place - Mohren

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Dave Mohren (Wesley Chapel, Fl)

    Event 2: Final Two Tables

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    The eliminations of Chris Hammett and Joshua Berger in 20th and 19th places respectively means we're down to the final two tables.

    Joshie Berger (Brooklyn, NY)
    19th Place - $958

    ChrisHammett (Katonah, NY)
    20th Place - $958

    Event 2: Eriquezzo Sees the Devil

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Ryan Eriquezzo (Danbury, CT)
    21st - $950

    Eriquezzo has impressive results with 12 Borgata cashes over the last two years, including a win in the 6-max in this year's Borgata Winter Poker Open for $72,000. Unfortunately the colorful character won't be adding another final table to his resume.

    Eriquezzo began the day third in chips, but gives most of them to Jonathan Chehanske when they're both all in preflop.

    Eriquezzo: JJ
    Chehanske: 66

    The flop gives Chehanske a set for 666 and Eriquezzo has a "devil" of a time believing his bad luck. Chehanske doubles his 234k stack and leaves Eriquezzo with just 30k which he ships shortly after the bad beat.

    "I'll just have to go and win the $500," says Eriquezzo, who's now taking his seat for Event 4.

    Event 2: Quick Work

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    It doesn't take long to get our first casualty on Day 2.

    Short stack Robert Nicotra (Weehawken, NJ) is all in with A 4 against the A J of Brian Hewitt. The jack kicker holds and Nicotra is out in 23rd place for $958.

    Shortly after that Minh Van Nguyen (Atlantic City, NJ) is out in 22nd for the same $958.

    Minh Van Nguyen
    22nd - $958

    Event 2: Bounty Hunters

    $350 + $50 + 100 NLH Black Chip Bounty

    Jerry Bringing the Payne
    The 23 returning players are back for Day 2 action as they chase the $43,359 first prize.

    Jerry Payne (Centerville, OH) is the chip leader with 632k as play starts with 20 minutes left on Level 17 (4k/8k/500 ante). The average stack is 268k and the cards are in the air.

    Event 5: Senior Moments

    $350 + $50 NL Seniors

    The Wiley veteran players are taking their seats for the popular Seniors Tournament. The deans of the event James Boyd and Bill Seymour lead the way for the always jovial and fun group.

    Players start with 10k in chips, levels are 30 minutes long and the blinds start at 25/50.

    In the Field:

    James Boyd
    Tony Campagna
    Al Grimes
    Jim and Nancy McLaughlin
    Martha Patella
    Jon Praet
    Tony "Original Gorilla" Shurilla
    Bill Seymour

    Event 4: Newbie

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em

    Marking the Competition

    First timers at the Borgata are always impressed with the experience. "Beautiful hotel," says Mark Kerness (Delray Beach, FL) who's on a mini vacation and back in Atlantic City for the first time in 30 years.

    "I didn't know there was a whole series going on," says the health care professional, "I picked up the schedule and thought this looked good."

    Kerness scoops back-to-back pots during early play including one with pocket kings.

    He's here to meet up with a friend, leaving his wife at home. "She wasn't happy about that," he laughs, "but I'll bring her next time."

    Level 2 (50/100) is underway.

    Event 4: Familiar Faces

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em

    Many of the regulars are surprised and impressed that the Event 1 trophy and Blue Shark Optics sunglasses were handed out after 9 am. This tournament isn't expected to last quite as long, but everyone is prepared for a two day grind.

    Players start with 12k in chips and levels are 45 minutes long.

    Notables in the Field

    Dao Bui
    Mike Dentale
    Leonardo Palermo
    Eric Siegel

    Event 4: Doors Re-Open

    $500 +$60 No Limit Hold'em

    Just two hours after Event 1 champion Vincent Maglio (Revere, MA) won nearly $141,000 in the inaugural event of the 2011 Borgata Poker Open, and the Event Center doors are back open for business.

    A lot of new faces are joining the usual suspects as everyone is looking for that Main Event title.

    Al Riccobono (Ossining, NY) is lonely on table 9 as the cards are in the air. "I hope I can win at least the first one," says the gregarious Borgata regular. "75 at a time," he says while moving all in against the nine empty seats.

    Blinds start at 25/50.

    Event 1: Recap

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    Borgata kicked off the 2011 Poker Open with a record setting field attracting World Champions and some of poker's biggest names.

    Paul Darden, Nick Frangos, Jason Young, Josh Brikis and Robert Varkonyi all took their shot at the $300k guarantee and $140,852 first place prize.

    Cash game players couldn't resist and recreational gamblers couldn't sit this one out.

    "You can't get any better value than this," was overheard from several players in the field.

    Joe Wertz emerged as the early favorite and didn't disappoint by navigating the field and eventually busting in 2nd place.

    Early on Day 1, he told the media "I'm running good, watch out Borgata."

    Fast forward two days and tons of flop, turn and rivers later. Joe Wertz sat heads-up with young and talented Vincent Maglio, who was described as "playing good, but running great."

    The two young pros put on a show for the late-night railbirds, the heads-up battle lasted over an hour. When it was all said and done, Mr. Maglio was holding the Borgata trophy. His efforts earned him his biggest score to date.

    Congrats to our first Champion of the series and all the players who made Event #1 such an epic event, stay tuned for more poker as the 2011 Borgata Poker Open moves on

    Event 1: Maglio takes Title

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH

    What started with a record-setting field, ends with Vincent Maglio stacking all the chips and hoisting the Borgata trophy.

    The young, online pro will pocket $140,852 for his consistent play and fine-tuned tournament game.

    The heads-up battle went back and forth until Maglio was able to river a straight and cripple his opponent. He cruised to the title after becoming the overwhelming Chipleader.

    Congrats to our Event #1 Winner, well played Mr. Maglio.

    1st place - Vincent Maglio
    $140, 852

    Event 1: Joe Wertz takes Second

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    The back and forth Heads-Up battle ends with Joe Wertz taking another 2nd place finish.

    His tournament resume is far above average, but the local pro admits to having trouble "getting over the hump."

    Joe Wertz
    2nd place - $87,989

    Event 2: $350+$50 Black Chip Bounty Chip Leaders

    Borgata Poker Open
    $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty
    No Limit Hold'em
    September 8-9, 2011

    Entries: 513
    Total Buy-In:  $179,550


    1. JERRY PAYNE (CENTERVILLE, OH):  632,000
    2. JACOBO FERNANDEZ (BRONX, NY):  444,500
    3. RYAN ERIQUEZZO (DANBURY, CT):  423,000
    4. JAMES WILEY (NORTH BERGEN, NJ):  371,500
    6. EUGENE KLEYMAN (BROOKLYN, NY):  356,000
    7. DENNIS ROITMAN (BROOKLYN, NY):  350,500
    10. CHRIS HAMMETT (KATONAH, NY):  278,000
    11. CHRISTOPHER LEE (BROOKLYN, NY):  240,500
    15. HEATHER MERCER (NEW YORK, NY):  219,500
    16. DANIEL DIZENZO (SUSSEX, NJ):  204,500
    17. CHAD ROSOW (NEW YORK, NY):  200,500
    18. LEVI CAMERON (FRONT ROYAL, VA):  188,000
    19. JOSHUA BERGER (BROOKLYN, NY):  179,000
    22. DAVID MOHREN (WESLEY CHAPEL, FL):  117,500

    Event 1: Ray says Goodbye

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    Ray Ferretti (Woolwich Township, NJ) was cool, calm and collected for 20+ hours of poker on Day #2 of this marathon Event.

    Unfortunately, his luck and chips ran out 2 spots away from the prize.

    Heads-up play has begun, a fight to the finish.

    Ray Ferretti (Woolwich Township, NJ)
    3rd place - $53,327

    Event 1: Still Grinding

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    Chasing $140,852 and the Borgata trophy continues...


    Joe Wertz - 29,000,000
    Vincent Maglio - 8,000,000
    Ray Ferretti - 4,500,000

    Event 1: Bustout #4

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    Ta Wey (Hackensack, NJ) grinded his way to a 4th place finish.

    The Borgata regular never got out of line and played pretty straight-forward poker once the Final Table was set.

    A good showing and nice payday for the long time local.

    4th place - Ta Wey

    Event 1: Just Short Jay

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    Jay Nair used math and bold aggression to earn a 5-figure payday.

    The math wizard from the West Coast lost a standard coinflip to bust 5th, congrats on two solid days of poker Jay.

    Jay Nair (Redmond, WA)
    5th place - $36,662

    Event 3: Recap

    $350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

    The first non-Hold Em' event of Borgata's 2011 Poker Open drew a field of 190 players with a prizepool of $66,500.

    Omaha 8B specialist, Chris Reslock, wasn't able to build any traction and busted earlier than expected. Other notable bustouts included, Brent Keller, who sealed his fate shortly before the Dinner Break.

    Ilya Dement (Brooklyn, NY) exploited the tight play during the "Money Bubble" and never looked back. Primarily a No Limit tournament player, Ilya has recently honed his skills in a variety of games. The hard work and countless hours spent in New York city underground games almost paid off, but his 18 hours of play ended with a 2nd place finish.

    Ilya found himself heads-up with an unfamiliar face and virtually unknown, Yuebin Guo. Both players batttled for the trophy but after the final hand was dealt, the New York City businessman and stranger to the poker world held all the chips and the Borgata trophy.

    Yuebin admitted to getting lucky in some key spots.

    "I hit the right card a few time, but i was happy with my play over the course of today."

    Congrats to our new Champion of the 2011 series, we hope to see Yuebin entered in future Borgata tournaments.

    Event 1: A just miss for Mitchell

    $400 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

    "There's nothing you can do with a pocket pair 6-handed," muttered Mantin after busting with 5 5♠ versus 99♣.

    Welll played, good game sir.

    Mitchell Mantin (Las Vegas, NV)
    6th place - $29,663

    Event 3: O8B Champ

    $350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

    Event #3 ended with stellar mixed game play from two New York city natives.

    Both players earned a 5-figure score and expressed to Borgata Media
    "we'll be back for the HORSE Event."

    Congrats to Yuebin Guo on his first Borgata title

    1st place - Yuebin Guo

    2nd place - Ilya Dyment