Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event 19: Whose Got What

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Jeff Papola 70,000
Matt Affleck 200,000
Ian Palomo (short)
Todd Terry 100,000
Eric Panayiotou 180,000
Daniel Chan 80,000
Keith Crowder 180,000
Joey "The B" Brooks (short)
Brandon Vargas 75,000
Jeremy McLaughlin 290,000
Vinny Pahuja 130,000

Unless they got moved to another table and slipped past me, the other notables have cleared out.

Playing a couple more hours until 2am then bagging and tagging.

Blinds 1000 / 2000 with 300 antes.

70 players remain.

Event 19: The Wrath Of Hahn

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Mike Hahn (Indianapolis, IN) - 260,000

Mike dropped down from 180,000 to 50,000 after his A-K fell to Opponent's KK.

Hahn hung in there and got all his chips back from the same Opponent.

The board ran Q♠ 9♠ A♣ K♠ Q . Opponent makes a pot size bet on the river and Mike ships.

Opponent calls and Hahn tables 9-9 for a full-house.

Opponent mucks but most likely had a flush.

Mike Hahn now up to 260,000 and among the chip leaders.

82 players remain.

Average chip stack: 100,000 on the nose.

To all you youngster, The Wrath of Kahn was the second movie in the Star Trek series.

Event 19: Larry Lanced

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Roller-coaster ride for Pennsylvania native Larry Kostelac.

Hand 1) He has A-K vs. A-5 spades. All in on a spade heavy flop. Opponent hits spade on river to cripple Larry.

Hand 2) Larry 10-10 vs. Opponent's A-7 spades. Flop: 7-7-2. Larry stands and gathers his things...then a ten spikes the turn giving Kostelac new life.

Hand 3) Larry hits top pair with J-10 but is up against A-J. River ace sends Kostelac packing.

All three hands happened in one orbit. Bing, Bang, Boom - off to another tournament or cash table.

Mike "Unbelievable" Dentale took a hit and is out. I heard him say, "Everyone things they're a good player after they get hit with the deck." True statement.

86 players remain.

Blinds 800 / 1600 with 200 antes.

Event 19: Hortin Hears A Chip Lead

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Dylan Hortin - Chip Leader - 325,000

Dylan Hortin (Tempe, AR) has the most chips in the room with 325,000. Dylan flew in from Arizona to play in this event and the Championship.

Dylan has to deal with Borgata player Daniel Chan who is also at his table.

Second in chips looks like Javier Fernandez (San Juan, Puerto Rico) with 240,000.

Top 42 get paid.

42nd gets $1,790 and first gets $93,259.

Event 19: River Make Mirsad Sad

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Mirsad Kovaci just lost a big hand against Paul Richermard (Somerset, NJ).

Mirsad's 9-Q vs. Paul's A-J

Mirsad flops a straight, fades the turn, but feels a kick in the gut on the river.

Board runs: J-8-10-5-6

Paul is up to 120,000 which is a healthy stack in the room.

Mirsad knows how to take beats and is ready to re-built his short stack.

Level 11: 600 / 1200 antes 200.

8,200,000 in play.

$410,000 Total Buy-In

Event 46: Punch My Ticket

Championship Event Satellite Winners

Happy Winners!

Today we had three chances to satellite into the Championship Event. These four happy players just qualified and won there way in.

Event 19: Notables Still Alive

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

The six-max tends to be the toughest and most exciting Event at each open after The Championship.

Seems like every table has one or two notables.

Chris Bell
Ray Shackelford
Jeff Papola
Jeff Madsen
Austen Johnson
Matt Affleck
Ian Palomo
Todd Terry
Mirsad Kovaci
Eric Panayiotou
Daniel Chan
Keith Crowder
Franco Bonacci
Joey "The B" Brooks
Mike Dentale
Brandon Vargas
Jeremy McLaughlin
Matt Maccaroni
Adam Lippert
Victor Ramdin
Bobby Suer
Vinny Pahuja

Jeff Papalla won the 2010 WSOP 6-Max bracelet

Franco Bonacci won the 2011 Borgata Spring Poker Open 6-Max

Event 19: Joey The Best

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Mike Dentale Congratulates Joey "The B" Brooks

Joey "The B" Brooks (Egg Harbor Township, NJ) wakes up to rockets and sees a shove, and a re-shove in front of him. Three-way all-in action has Brooks' AA vs. A♣ K♣ vs. A-K off-suit.

Flop falls: 4 8♣ 2

7♣ turn gives Joey a major sweat.

When the J hit, Brooks was relieved and felted two off the table of six.

Ironically, one of the all-in players had the exact amount as Joey with 44,800.
No chip, no chair for him - two seats open.

"My daughter could have played that one" said Joey. "That turn was sick, I really thought he was gonna hit the club."

133 players remain.

Event 19: Payouts

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH 

Entries: 410
Total Buy-In: $410,000

Place - Amount

1st    $93,259
2nd  $57,667
3rd   $45,338
4th   $35,793
5th   $27,839
6th   $19,885
7th   $14,914
8th     $9,943
9th     $5,966
10-12 $4,772
13-18 $3,579
19-24 $2,585
25-30 $2,187
31-36 $1,989
37-42 $1,790

Championship Event Preview

$3,300 +$200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship Event

Defending Champion Dwyte Pilgrim Back at Borgata

On the eve of the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship Event there's a buzz about not only the $3 million guaranteed prize pool, but the extra $5,000 bonus for the chip leaders at the end of Day 1A and Day 1B.

"I think it's great," says Lee Childs (Alexandria, VA), who's itching to get back to the tables after his 9th place finish ($62,000) in last year's tournament, his deepest WPT run.

"But, it's not something that I'll have shot at," he laughed while figuring out how to approach the re-entry format. "Maybe if they give away $5,000 for a chip stack just below average I'd have a chance."

Players who bust on Day 1A have the chance to play Day 1B which has some of the bigger names thinking with a gunslingers mentality. "I'm using two bullets," says Will "The Thrill" Failla (Commack, NY) who last month won his first WPT title for $758,000.

A guaranteed prize pool, a re-entry structure, and a bonus for the Day 1A chip lead is the perfect storm for lots of action and great value for this $3,500 tournament with 30k in starting chips and 75 minute levels.

"I think you're going to see some wild swings in the intermediate and late stages of 1A," says Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ), who has a dozen career Borgata cashes, including a 2010 win for $73,000. "The bonus gives guys incentive to be aggressive, especially knowing they can fire two bullets if they need to."

With eleven days of play and nineteen Main Events leading up to the Championship, big names have already been playing at the Event Center gearing up for a title run, including defending champion Dwyte Pilgrim (Brooklyn, NY).

"I'm here to shock the world again," says "The Short Stack Slayer," who took down the biggest win of his career with his $733,802 payday.

Last year's 1,042 players was the biggest in WPT history and with names like Allen Cunningham (5 WSOP bracelets), Gavin Smith (WSOP bracelet) Jeff Madsen (2 WSOP bracelets), Jonathan Little (2 WPT titles), and WPT title holders Victor Ramdin, Roy Winston, Failla and Pilgrim all confirmed for the event, another record setting day is right around the corner.

Pilgrim After Winning the Title and $733,802

Event 19: Play Resumed

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Play has resumed after the dinner break with 25 active tables (six-handed).

Level 10:  Blinds are 500/1,000 with 100 antes.

Some interesting tweets from the dinner break:

Austen Johnson
36k at dinner break. Matt Affleck took Valences seat.

Todd Terry
53k at dinner
Jeff Madsen
Josh Mancuso
 37k dinner going to 500-1k next, 145 players left

patrick halter
18k into dinner, lost aq<k8 for 15k

Event 18 Recap

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

Quite a few notable pros and Borgata regulars turned out for the $500 No Limit Hold'em tournament.  430 entrants generated total buy-ins of $215,000 and a top prize of $53,280 was up for grabs.  Among those notables were: Dwyte Pilgrim, (2010 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship winner) Roy Winston, (2007 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship winner); WPT final tablists Keith Crowder and Ben Klier; and WSOP bracelet holders Mike 'Little Man' Sica and Fred Goldberg.

Dwyte Pilgrim held on to cash late on day one (32nd - $1,147) along with  Sandy Henkens, (Virginia Beach, VA) who was the last woman remaining in this event (27th - $1,293).  

Terrance Beins (Jackson, NJ) took the chip lead late on day one after a key hand where he was all-in and at-risk for his tournament life holding pocket Queens and facing pocket Kings and pocket Jacks.  A Queen hit the board, giving Terrance the chip lead and he never looked back.
24 players survived day one and returned at noon Saturday to continue play.  Terrance Beins went wire to wire on day two, which he began as the chip leader with 810,500.  Seven hours later, he had all 5.16 million chips in play.

Ben Klier (New York, NY) made it all the way to 12th place before busting out ($2,711).  Fred Goldberg (Hollywood, FL) made the final table, but took a bad-beat from chip leader Terrance Beins and was busted in 10th place ($2,711).

Andy Lee was the runner-up in this event.  He was facing a 9-to-1 chip deficit when they got heads up and it was just a matter of time before Terrance wore him down.  He collected $30,761 for his second place finish.

Terrance Beins now has a Borgata trophy and a pair of Blue Shark Optics Sunglasses to go with $53,280 he will collect for his win today.

Event 19: Dinner Break

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Two time WPT Champion Jonathan Little (center)
with Dan Harkin (left) and Steve Weixel.
The remaining 145 players of the 410 starting field are on a one hour dinner break.  The average stack is 57k (57 BB) as blinds will be 500/1k/100 ante when play resumes at 8:30 pm.

Throughout the day players have been doing interviews with ESPN radio in Cleveland, OH as the buzz for the Championship Event continues to build.

Event 18: 1st Place - Beins

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em          

Terrance Beins went wire to wire on day two which he began as the chip leader with 810,500.  About 7 hours later, he had all 5.16 million chips in play.

Terrance Beins

Terrance Beins (Jackson, NJ) will collect $53,280 for his 1st place finish today.

Event 18: 2nd Place - Lee

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em         

On the river with a board of K 8 2 2 A, Terrance Beins announced he was all-in.  Andy Lee folded, leaving himself with only ~240k behind (about 10 big blinds).

 Andy Lee

It was only a few hands later when Terrance again moved in on a flop of 5 3 3.  Andy called all-in, showing 42 for the open-ender.

The last two came 9 5 and Terrance took the final pot with a full house.

Andy Lee (Ocean, NJ) finished in 2nd place, earning $30,761.

Event 18: 3rd Place - Halac

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em         

Fernando Halac got his chips in against Terrance Beins.

 Fernando Halac

Terrance had the lead with AK.  Fernando held T4.  The board came A K 9 T 8 and Terrance collected another pot.

Fernando Halac (Miami, FL by way of Argentina) finished in 3rd place, earning $18,770.

Heads-up play began with Terrance Beins holding about 4.5 million to Andy Lee's 500k (that's about 9-to-1).

Event 18: 4th - Pfeifer

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em       

Blinds went up to 12k/24k with 3k antes.

On a flop of A J T, Randy Pfeifer got all-in against chip leader Terrence Beins.

Randy Pfeifer

Randy's AJ (top two pair) was crushed by Terrance's pocket Jacks.  The last two came K 8 and Terrance took the pot to add to his monstrous stack.

Randy Pfeifer (Cheektowaga, NY) finished in 4th place ($15,120).

Event 18: 5th Place - Santiago

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em        

On the river with a board of 8 5 2 4 A (no flush possible) Randy Pfeifer (bb) bet 108k.

 Alex Santiago

Alex Santiago tanked for a few minutes, then announced he was all-in (175k more).  Randy called, showing Q5 suited for trip 5s.  Alex mucked.

Alex Santiago (West Hartford, CT) finished in 5th place, picking up $11,887.

Event 19: Another Killer Table

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

While table 4 has lost some steam by cannibalizing Gavin Smith, table 31 is doing the same with the elimination of 5 time WSOP bracelet holder Allen Cunningham.

Vimy Ha (Brooklyn, NY) check raises Cunningham on a board of K 7 3, who quickly moves all in for his last 11k. Ha makes the call.

Ha: A 7 (pair of 7s)
Cunningham: J 3 (pair of 3s)

Ha's hand holds and Cunningham is on the rail.

Table Updates:

31 - Ha, Charlie Townsend, Daniel Chan, Allen Cunningham
4 - Jeff Madsen, Chris Valence, Austen Johnson, Gavin Smith

Event 18: 6th Place - Woods

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em       

Alex Santiago doubled up through Mike Woods, leaving Mike short-stacked.

 Mike Woods

Mike then got his last chips in against Randy Pfeifer and came up short.

Mike Woods (Madison, CT) finished in 6th place, good for $9,906.

Five players remain.  Average stack is just over 1 million.

Event 18: 7th Place - Sewell

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em      

Ronnie Sewell got his chips in against the big stack of Terrance Beins. 

 Ronnie Sewell

Ronnie's KQ was dominated by Terrance's AK.  The better hand held up and Terrance chipped up to ~2 million.

Ronnie Sewell (Shelby, NC) finished in 7th place ($7,925).

Event 18: Payout Reminder

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em      

Ronnie Sewell opened for  455k utg.  Mike Woods checked out his remaining chips (124k) then raised enough to cover Ronnie.  He called all-in holding AT suited.  Mike held pocket 9s.  The board came K Q Q 4 A and Ronnie caught his Ace to double up to ~390k.

Still seven players.

Here's a reminder what they're playing for:

Place - Amount

1st    $53,280
2nd  $30,761
3rd   $18,770
4th   $15,120
5th   $11,887
6th    $9,906
7th    $7,925

Event 19: Defending Champ Set Up to Fail

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Spirer Straight to the Rail

Defending Champion Dan Spirer (Mechanicsville, PA) is out after flopping a set of aces.

A loud thud is heard across the Event Center as Spirer pounds the table after watching his opponent with top pair go runner, runner - straight to knock him out.

"Write I'm pissed off, you're not supposed to lose when you flop a set of aces," says Spirer, who won this tournament a year ago for $81,000.

Event 19: AJ Busts Gavin Smith

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Austen Johnson tweets that he busted Gavin Smith on killer table 4 and that he's back up to 50k.
Currently 234 of the 410 starting field remain with the average stack at 35k (70 BB).

Blinds: 250/500/50 ante

Event 18: Chip Counts

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em     

The final seven at back to the felt with blinds of 10k/20k with 3k antes.

Here are some rough chip counts as of the break:
Terrance Beins - 1.75 million
Fernando Halac - 1.1 million
Andy Lee - 650k
Mike Woods - 630k
Randy Pfeifer - 600k
Ronnie Sewell - 190k
Alex Santiago - 160k

Average with seven players remaining is ~737k (about 37 big blinds).

Event 18: 8th Place - Somma

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em    

After Fernando Halac raised, Mike Somma shoved from the small blind.  Fernando called, showing pocket Queens.  Mike had JT.

 Mike Somma

The flop was all Mike:  J J x.  But then a Queen on the turn gave Fernando a full house.

Mike Somma finished in 8th place, earning $6,048.

Level 22 came to a close and the final 7 took off for a break.

Event 18: Big Pots

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em    

Alex Santiago (utg) raised to 63k and Mike Woods (bb) called.  On the flop of Q J 4 rainbow, Mike checked.  Alex bet 33k.  Mike raised to 73k.  Alex min-re-raised to 113k. 

Mike eyed Alex's remaining chips (about 165k) then raised another 160k on top.  Alex let it go.  He was left with just about 10 big blinds.

Terrance Beins (sb) called, then Randy Pfeifer raised 30k on top.  Terrace called.  On the flop of 7 6 5 rainbow, Terrance checked, Randy fired 56k and Terrance called.  Turn was an Ace.  Terrance checked, Randy bet 123k and Terrance let it go.

Event 18: 9th Place - Joslyn

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em    

Blinds are up to 8k/16k with 2k antes.

Fernando Halac doubled up through Greg Joslyn, leaving Greg short-stacked.

After Mike Woods opened for 38k, Greg moved in -- for 39k.  Mike called the extra chip and showed pocket Tens.  Greg held pocket 2s and was in trouble.

 Greg Joslyn

The flop came 5 4 3 giving Greg 8 more outs with an open-ender, but the last two came Q 3 and Mike took the pot.

Greg Joslyn (Middletown, NY) finished in 9th for $4,178.

Event 18: 10th Place - Goldberg

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em   

On a flop of K J 5,  Fred Goldberg got all his chips in the middle against Terrance Beins.  Fred's pocket 5s had flopped a set for the lead.  Terrance held KJ offsuit for top two pair.

 Fred Goldberg

Then another King hit the turn, giving Terrance a bigger boat.  River was a 2 and Terrance chipped up to ~1.3 million.

Fred Goldberg (Hollywood, FL) finished in 10th place, earning $2,711.

Event 18: Final Table Lineup

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em   

Here are the final ten players and their positions at the final table:

1 - Mike Somma
2 - Terrance Beins
3 - Randy Pfeifer
4 - Greg Joslyn
5 - Ronnie Sewell
6 - Andy Lee
7 - Fernando Halac
8 - Fred Goldberg
9 - Mike Woods
10 - Alex Santiago

Average stack is 526k.  Blinds still 6k/12k, which means an average stack has 43 big blinds.

Event 19: Must Drink Table

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Belley Up to the Bar

Table 4 is such a killer table, "management" decided that seat 1 is now a "must drink" seat.

The three elite players who started the tournament here, WSOP bracelet holder Gavin Smith, Chris Valence, and Austen Johnson have seen a revolving door at the other seats and have just welcomed 2010 Borgata Winter Poker Open Champion Jeff Madsen to the table.

Madsen arrived just in time to watch this year's Borgata Poker Open  Event 1 winner Vinny Maglio ($140k) bust out, who has since been replaced by Phillippe Belley (Montreal, Canada).

Belley, who's no slouch with two WSOP cashes this summer, is now downing a beer to help easy the pain of an unlucky draw.

Recapping the lineup:

Gavin Smith
Jeff Madsen
Austen Johnson
Chris Valence
Vinny Maglio Phillippe Belley

 Official Notice
This is a must drink seat!
Borgata Mgmt.

Event 18: 11th Place - Yoo

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em   

Byung Yoo got all-in holding AT suited and ran into the pocket jacks of Ronnie Sewell.

 Byung Yoo

The board came 9 8 5 5 Q and Ronnie's Jacks held.

Byung Yoo (Norwood, NJ) finished in 11th place, taking home $2,711.

The final ten drew seats and moved to a single table.

Event 18: Yo Eleven!

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em  

The final 11 players made it to the end of the level and took off for a break.  Here are their rough chip counts:

Terrance Beins - 920k
Mike Somma - 700k
Mike Woods - 650k
Alex Santiago - 600k
Randy Pfeifer - 500k
Greg Joslyn - 450k
Andy Lee - 380k
Fred Goldberg - 355k
Fernando Halac - 255k
Byung Yoo - 190k
Ronnie Sewell - 175k

Play resumed after the break with blinds of 6k/12k with 2k antes.

Event 18: 12th Place - Klier

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Byung Yoo shoved from the hijack, then Ben Klier shoved from the cutoff.  Everyone else dove for cover. 

 Ben Klier

Byung showed AT and was racing against Ben's pocket 9s.  The board came J 7 4 A 2 and Byung doubled up to ~290k.

Ben was left short.  He got his chips (37k) in on the next hand against Ronnie Sewell.  Ben held KJ suited.  Ronnie had AT suited in clubs.  When three clubs flopped, Ben was drawing dead.

Ben Klier (New York, NY) finished in 12th place, earning $2,711.

Event 19: Star Power

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Allen Cunningham
5 WSOP Bracelets
$10.2 Million Career Tournament Earnings

Victor Ramdin 
2007 Borgata Poker Open 13th Place Finish
2006 WPT Title
$3.5 Million Career Tournament Earnings

Jeff Madsen
2010 Borgata Winter Poker Open Champion
2 WSOP Bracelets 
$3.3 Million Career Tournament Earnings

 Gavin Smith
WSOP Bracelet
$5.4 Million Career Tournament Earnings

Event 18: 13th Place - Hunt

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em  

Ron Hunt got his last ~80k all-in pre-flop against Mike Somma. 

 Ron Hunt

Ron's AJ was ahead of Mike's AT, but a Ten hit the board, giving Mike a pair and the pot.

Ron Hunt (Largo, MD) finished in 13th place, earning $2,086.

Event 18: 14th Place - Cohen

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Blinds are up to 5k/10k with 1k antes.

On a flop of 8 7 6, Jesse Cohen checked, Mike Somma bet, then Jesse check-raised all-in.

Jesse Cohen

Mike called, showing pocket 8s for the set.  Jesse's pocket Queens had been out-flopped.  He got no help on the last two and was busted.

Jesse Cohen (Ardmore, PA) finished in 14th place, earning $2,086.

Event 18: 15th Place - Kaiser

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Daryl Kaiser shoved for  143k and got looked up by Randy Pfeifer on the button.  Daryl's pocket 9s were in bad shape against Randy's pocket Tens.  The Tens held up on he board of  8 8 4 Q Q and Randy doubled up.  Daryl was left with only about 12k.

 Daryl Kaiser

A couple of hands later, Daryl had only 1k left after posting the ante (1k) and big blind (8k).  Freg Goldberg (utg) raised to 20k and chased everyone else out.  This rime Daryl was ahead with pocket Jacks to Fred's pocket Tens.  The board came Q 5 5 6 A and Daryl tripled up to ~30k.

A few hands later, Daryl was all-in for 23k and Ben Klier called from the big blind, showing A8 off-suit.  Daryl held K8 suited and was in bad shape.  The board came 7 5 3 4 Q and Ben took the pot with Ace-high.

Daryl Kaiser (Clarkston, MI) finished in 15th place, earning $2,086.

Event 18: Remaining Prize Pool

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Entries: 430
Total Buy-In: $215,000


1st .....$53,280
2nd .....$30,761
3rd .....$18,770
4th .....$15,120
5th .....$11,887
6th .....$9,906
7th .....$7,925
8th .....$6,048
9th .....$4,171
10-12 .....$2,711
13-15 .....$2,086

Event 18: 16th Place - Johnson

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Tom Johnson opened for 20k on the button.  Alex Santiago was in the big blind and gave it some thought, then shoved.

 Tom Johnson

Tom said "All right, I call" and turned up pocket 7s.  Alex held AQ off and it was race-time.

The board came Q 8 5 K 2 and Alex took the pot.

Tom Johnson (Alexandria, VA) finished in16th place, picking up $1,648.

Event 18: 17th - Grodowski

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

On a Ten-high board, all the chips went in on the turn.

Joe Grodowski

Joe Grodowski had AT for top/top, but Mike Somma had pocket Aces for the lead.  River was a brick and Mike took the pot.

Joe Grodowski (Staten Island, NY) busted in 17th place, earning $1,648.

Event 18: Chip Counts

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Players have just returned from a break to blinds of 4k/8k with 1k antes.

Here are some rough chip counts as of the break:

Table 1
1 Ron Hunt - 115k
2 Tom Johnson - 160k
3 Jesse Cohen - 95k
4 Alex Santiago - 680k
5 Mike Somma - 240k
6 Greg Joslyn - 90k
7 Mike Woods - 570k
8 Terrance Beins - 1.03 million
9 Joe Grodowski - 180k

Table 2
1 Fred Goldberg - 460k
2 Byung Yoo 150k
3 Ben Klier - 110k
4 Randy Pfeifer - 95k
5 Ronnie Sewell - 290k
6 Fernando Halac - 215k
7 Andy Lee - 420k
8 Daryl Kaiser - 275k
9 Rich Lovendusky - busted

Event 19: 6-Max Tweets

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH
Latest tweets from the players in this event: 
Jerry Payne
21k 1st break up from 20k start. 
Todd Terry
Late regged Borg $1K 6max. 17800 from 20k. Got outplayed by guy who opened UTG and called my 3bet from button w K8o. 

Lee Childs
20K->35.5K after first two levels. Best start of the series by far. 75/150 next level. Let's go! 
Alex Queen
Playing the borgata 1k 6-max over 300 people so far 
Austen Johnson
Up to 41k from 20k starting stack at first break

Kyle Loman
21K at 75-150. Table is amazing.  

Lars Bonding
Playing a 1k 6 handed tour at Borgata today, got off to a bad start when my topset got cracked by a gutshot. 5k left out 20k startstack.

Event 18: Three More Down

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

19 Scott Berman (Washington, DC) $1,293
20 Shawn Daniels (Wayne, PA) $1,293
21 Alan Kornblau (Rockland, NY) $1,293

The remaining 18 players are redrawing for their seats on the final two tables.

Event 18: Bustages

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

22 Arun Raj (Old Bridge, NJ) $1,293
23 Tadeusz Bak (Wallington, NJ) $1,293
24 Patrick Jordan (Marlton, NJ $1,293

Event 18: Trophy Time

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

Beins Brings Back Most Chips

The 18th Borgata Main Event trophy will be awarded later today (early Sunday!?!?!) as the remaining 24 players return for their shot at $53,280. For Patrick Jordan (Marlton, NJ) it's one hand and a quick trip to the cage as the short stack busts in 24th for $1,293.

Terrance Beins (Jackson, NJ) is the chip leader with 811k (162 BB).  Blinds start with 15 minutes remaining on level 17 (2,500/5k/500 ante) as the average stack is 215k (43 BB).

Seat Open, Table 1

Event 19: Who Dat?

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

After cashing in Event 18 late last night, 2010 WPT Borgata Poker Open Champion Dwyte Pilgrim has been seen roaming the halls, but it'snot sure if he's playing this event.

2009 third place finisher Ivan Mamuzic is in the field joining these familiar faces:

Gavin Smith
Chris Valence
Austen Johnson
Adam Lippert
Jeremy McLaughin 
James Boyle
Steve Ryan
Alex Queen
Keith Crowder
Mike Dentale
Jerry Payne
Lee Childs
Matt Affleck
Mike Summers
Joseph Altomoonte
Ryan Eriquezzo

Event 19: Drawing Dead

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

A couple of tables feature killer lineups and it's magnified in this short-handed event.

WSOP bracelet holder Gavin Smith, Chris Valence (Hampstead, NH), and Austen Johnson (Woodsboro, MD).  Valance had five Borgata cashes in 2010, including a 13th place finish in this event during the spring series, while Johnson had a 1st and 3rd place finish in the Borgata Summer Poker Open for a combined earnings of $138,000.

"Running good," says Johnson with a smirk.

Another interesting match-up is Mike Dentale and Jeremy McLaughlin as the field starts with 20k stacks (25/50 blinds) and 50 minute levels.

Event 19: Calm Before the Storm

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Just one day before the Championship Event and another big event is underway with the always popular six-max. A guaranteed $200,000 prize pool is adding extra juice to this two-day event.

Faces filing in include:  Jerry Payne, Joseph Altomonte and Steve Ryan.

Button starts in the 4 seat and the cards are in the air!

Saturday, September 17

Today's Events (Event Center)

11AM: Event 19 - $1000 + $90 Six-MaxNo Limit Hold'em
  • $200,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players start with 20,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels: will last 50 minutes
  • 2-Day event

12PM: Event 45 - $200 + $30 Championship Qualifier (Re-Entry)

  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels will last 25 minutes each 
  • Players that bust within the first 4 Levels may Re-Enter (unlimited Re-Entries)
  • Approximately 1 in 18 will win entry into the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event (September 18-23, 2011)
  • 1-Day event

4PM: Event 45 - $700 + $50 Championship Qualifier NLH
  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels will last 40 minutes each 
  • Approximately 1 in 5 will win entry into the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event (September 18-23, 2011)
  • 1-Day event
7PM: Event 46 - $350 + $50 Championship Qualifier NLH (Re-Entry)
  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels will last 40 minutes each 
  • Players that bust within the first 4 Levels may Re-Enter (unlimited Re-Entries)
  • Approximately 1 in 10 will win entry into the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event (September 18-23, 2011)
  • 1-Day event

    Event 16 Recap

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    246 players took the felt Sept. 15th at 11AM for this two day $1500 + $150 Entry but only one surpassed and outlasted everyone. That man's name is Kunal Patel (Houston, TX).

    He flew up to play in his first ever Borgata tournament in preparation for the Championship Event and what do you know, he took Event 16 down. Not quite rail to rail but he was one of the earliest chip leaders we reported on.

    A lot of the heavy hitters joined the felt including:
    Matt Affleck, "Little Man" Mike Sica, Steve Ryan, "Action" Bob Hwang, Lee Childs, Gordon Eng, Steve Dannenmann, Cornell Cimpan, Christian Harder, Jeff Madsen, Lee Childs, Roy Winston, Jonathan Little, and John Racener.
    Heather Sue Mercer was our last woman standing and was one of the final 27 who cashed in on the $369,000 Total Buy-In.

    Players loved the $500 Purple Chip Bounty and the bounty-hunters were in full force. Tony Casale accumulated 8 bounties and ended up in eigth place. Kunal Patel had the most with 12 knock-out punches under his belt.

    The entire final table included: John Racener, Kristian Lee, Norman Zapczynski, Orson Young, Kunal Patel, Aziz Muinde, Tony Casale, Kenny Fagioli, Ken Adams, & Mark Baatz.

    John Racener most well known for his second place WSOP Main Event finish came in third here for $34,003.

    At one point Kunal Patel had 3,000,000 of the tournament's total 4,920,000. After a quick heads-up with Orson Young, he had them all. Orson takes home a nice score of $59,058 along with 10 knock-outs. At the start of Day-2 he only had 34,800 chips. Well-done sir.

    Once again congratulations to our big winner, Kunal Patel who crushed this field and will bring $100,225 back home to Houston. Not bad for your first ever Borgata tournament.

    Event 16: Kunal Patel - 1st Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Kunal Patel - 1st Place - $100,225

    Congratulations to Kunal Patel (Houston, TX) who takes down Event 16. Kunal takes home the trophy, the Blue Shark Optics sunglasses, and a whopping $100,225 in first place prize money.

    He credited some of the win to his having position on John Racener and Orson Young at the final table. Kunal amassed a chip lead that allowed him to coast for a while.

    Orson caught up but Kunal took him down quickly once they got heads up.

    Patel started the day with 63,000 in chips and ended the day with all of them.

    He also knocked-out 12 bounties which was the most out of all 246 entrants.

    This Kunal's only Borgata Poker tournament cash since it's the only Borgata tournament he's ever played in. "I flew up from Houston to play in the Championship" said Kunal.

    $100,225 - what a nice appetizer to the main course coming up.

    Says hi to all his family following the borgatapokerblog at home in Houston.

    Congratulations again on your huge victory and two days of well played poker.

    Event 16: Orson Young - 2nd Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Orson Young - 2nd Place - $59,058

    Once John Racener was out of the way, Orson Young & Kunal Patel got down to business and the chips flew pretty rapidly.

    Both men had about the same in chips going into the brief heads up.

    Orson Young (Ocean Port, NJ) started the day with only 35,000 in chips.

    Ironically, earlier today he would have seen the rail if he refused to fold pocket tens pre-flop against Kunal Patel's A-Q of clubs. Patel felted another player who did call after reaching a nut flush. Funny how these things work out sometimes.

    Orson took-out 10 players and will cash in ten $500 bounty chips for doing so.

    This is Orson's third tournament as he usually can be found at the Borgata Poker cash tables.

    Way to go on your 2nd place finish for $59,058.

    Event 16: John Racener - 3rd Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    John Racener Jr. - 3rd Place - $34,003

    John Racener falls short of victory when his A-5 loses against Orson Young's A-8.

    John had 20 bigs left with 600,000 in the big blind. Young's A-8 held on a dry board.

    Over the two day tournament Racener was only all-in one or two times.

    He began the day with 109,000 and plodded along simply playing his game.

    He thought the field was fairly easy with some weak spots at the final table. But the final four shook down to the four best players the way John figured it would.

    Five $500 knock-out bounties shoved into his jean pocket as he calls it a night.

    Friend Chris showed his support from the rail.

    Congratulations to WSOP poker phenom John Racener for his third place finish in Borgata's Big Stack 2K.

    Tack on another $34,003 to your already impressive career earnings.

    Event 18: End Of Day Chip Leaders

    $500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

    That's all she wrote - at least for now.

    Play has concluded for Event 18 and will resume at 12:00 noon.

    All 24 remaining players have bagged and tagged and the heaviest bag belongs to chip leader Terry Beins.

    But it's really a two horse race as Alex Santiago's A-K of hearts found a flush and a big knock-out. Alex sitting on 789,500 and ready to roll.

    Rank....Player......Chip Stacks.

    1. Terry Beins...................... 810,500
    2. Alex Santiago................... 789,500
    3. Ben Klier........................... 385,000
    4. Andrew Lee...................... 367,000
    5. Randy Pfeifer................... 242,000
    6. Ronnie Sewell................... 240,000

    The hand of the tournament was a three way all-in: K-K vs. Q-Q vs. J-J with Terry Beins' hitting a set on the flop and taking down a monster.

    See everybody for the conclusion right here in The Event Center at noon.

    Event 16: Mark Baatz - 4rd Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Mark Baatz - 4th Place - $27,561

    Mark Baatz finished 6th place last year in this exact same event - this year he improved finishing in 4th place.

    "I wanted him to call" explained Mark who was happy to get his chips in holding A-K.

    Patel had 9-9 and his pair held up on a clean board.

    Baatz had 600,000 in the small blind. Amazingly Mark began the day 46th out of 48 players.

    He somehow was able to climb all the way up the leaderboard to the final four - and collected 7 bounties along the way.

    Congratulations to Mark Baatz who just earned $27,561 for his two-days at the office.

    Event 16: Final Four

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Seat 1: John Racener....740,000
    Seat 2: Orson Young...660,000
    Seat 3: Kunal Patel...3,000,000
    Seat 4: Mark Baatz...515,000

    It's pretty quiet at the final table as every decision has the potential to be tournament life threatening.

    Okay, maybe not for Kunal Patel who has a nice lead over the other three.

    Playing this until it's over and we'll be blogging the bust-outs.

    Event 18: "Terry"ific Pot

    $500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

    Terry Beins shoots up to 606,000 after felting one and crippling another monster stack.

    Beins even apologized after the hand but had nothing to be sorry for. This is the sort of hand you wait an entire tournament for - maybe even for months.

    K-K vs. Q-Q vs. J-J

    Terry was holding the Queens and had all his 278,000 at risk.
    Bigger stack with position had K-K and the shorter stack had J-J.

    Terry spikes a Queen on the flop and it holds up. J-J is gone and Q-Q is down to 20,000.

    Board: Q-4-3-4-6

    "If he had gone all in pre-flop I don't think I call him" said Terry who would have been afraid of A-K or A-A or K-K.

    38 players remain. Terry is your chip leader with 606,000.

    Event 16: Norman Zapczynski - 5th Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Norman Zapczynski - 5th Place - $21,476

    Long two days for Norman Zapczynski who admitted he was getting tired and shipped his last 15 big blinds with Q-J in the small blind.

    Bad news for Norman as Orson in the big blind woke up and rolled over Cowboys.

    No sweat on a board of 2-3-3-3-10.

    Thanks to a couple of John Racener's railbirds for the details.

    Look for Norman Zapczynski in the Championship.

    Two bounties plus $21,476 for Norman who played a great game and finished fifth.

    Event 18: Bubble Busted By Boat

    $500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

    Tom Johnson (Alexandria, VA) just knocked out the bubble. Eighteen minute bubble for Event #18. Happened just after the clock struck midnight.

    Everyone celebrated once they realized they were in the money. Bubble was short down to 9300 but the hand was still a good one to report.

    Tom's J-J up against Bubble's A-Q.

    Tom hits a set of jacks on the turn and a full-house on the river.

    Bye-bye bubble boy, hello at least $1,043 for 45th.

    First place pockets a very nice $53,280.

    Short stacks will have to decide if they want to shove and double up or keep their chips and return tomorrow.

    Bag and tag at 2am.

    Event 16: Kristian Lee - 6th Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Kristian Lee - 6th Place - $17,897

    First ever live poker tournament for Kristian Lee (Tenafly, NJ) who got the okay from his wife Andreia to play poker with his Brogata's for a couple days.

    Nice beginning bankroll for Kristian who kicks off his poker tournament earnings with $17,897.

    Funny thing is he only pocketed 1 bounty. "Came close a few times but they somehow escaped me" laughed Lee.

    In his final hand Kristian jammed with 9 bigs left holding A-6. Orson Young isolated with A-Q and found a queen on the flop.

    "This was a once in a lifetime experience for me" said a very excited Kristian Lee.

    Lee also says hi to his two daughters Sophia & Karalyn.

    Event 16: Kenny Fagioli - 7th Place

    $1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

    Kenny Fagioli - 7th Place - $14,317

    Kenny Fagioli was short stacked for a good part of this final table. He finally shipped his last stack of gray in the hi-jack and was called by Mark Baatz in the cut-off.

    Fagioli's 10-8 vs. Baatz' QQ.

    Board: J-2-7-6-7 with three non significant hearts.

    When Kenny saw the queens he said, "Bad timing" and knew it wasn't looking good.

    Mark's heater continues causing him to joke, "I'm done for the least I improved one spot from my finish last year."

    Kenny was a good guy to talk to and the entire table showed respect as they said their farewells.

    He'll add $14,317 to his Borgata Bankroll.