Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Event 20: Higher Higher Glantz On Fire

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH

Matt Glantz - 290,000

Nothing before dinner for Matt Glantz (Lafayette Hills, PA) who was nursing no more than 60,000. But now he's caught fire growing his stack up to 290,000 after his J-J cracked Edgar Lemus-Argueta's Aces.

Other approximate stacks in the room I noticed on my way back to media row:

Matt Affleck - 105,000
Jim Welsh - 80,000
Joanne Monteavaro - 70,000
David Williams - 500,000
John Racener - 290,000
Vanessa Selbst - 410,000
Cornel Andrew Cimpan - 250,000
Tony Antonious - 190,000

Tony Antonious (Egypt) who was moved to David Williams table has quieted down a lot. He whispered to me as I passed, "Tough Table".

Film Producer Mars Callahan couldn't hit a flush to save his life and quoted, "Those who chase flushes ride on buses". Looks like the Greyhound back to LA for Callahan who whiffed on a couple key drawing hands.

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