Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Event 20: Dinner-Time Tweets

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH

Some tweets that arrived during the dinner break:

Jonathan Little 
At 240k. Dinner break now. 1200/2400-300 when we return.
Eric Haber 
Dinner break.....and man I need one....77700 going to 1200/2400 when we come back in 75 mins.
Lee Childs 
117k at dinner.
Vanessa Selbst 
540k at dinner. Just folded AK after putting in 10 big blinds pre. I cold called a 4b and folded. Lee markholt had AA other guy QQ.

Nicholas Grippo 
270k at dinner break
David Williams 
Dinner break. Hadnt counted in a while but at 623k. And I made a sick fold on river after putting in 40k. BAM! #wptBorgata
Daniel Buzgon 
75k on dinner break. Fighting the food fight to still be in. Time to get lucky.
Todd Terry 
50k at dinner. 21 BBs. Nothing going right but still in.
Brandon Novena 
Doubled up before break. $101,000!!!!!! Baby!
Vinny Pahuja
300/1313 left in Borgata WPT. 86k going to 12/2400 i've hit 1 2-outer and 2 3-outers today to still be in this.

Ebony Kenney 
Going to dinner break w about 68k. Coming back to 12/2400. So happy to still be in after this roller coaster of a day.
Alex Queen 
206k at dinner break around 300 people left going to 1200/2400 w an ante when we get back
Brent Hanks 
110k at dinner...and im pretty hungry #peteyrush
Zachary Gruneberg 
Almost 400K going into dinner break played like a boss once again all day LETS GO #TEAMTUSSEY
r. jeremy mclaughlin 
about avg 118k feels great as was down to 30k. 310 remain.

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