Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Event 20: Break Time Tweets

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH   

At the end of level 10, players were sent on a 15 minute break while the green 25 chips are colored up. 

Here are some of their tweets from the break:
James St. Hilaire
Picked up a cool 1950 in chips the first two levels.
Jason Young
62,375 at break just busted danneman...
Nicholas Grippo
Pittsy first couple levels. Down a little, 130k now going to 500/1k/100
Ben Volpe
120k but I'm downswinging. 500/1k
Matthew Affleck
210k on break. Got a guy to stick in 45k drawing dead on flop...
Nelson Robinson
28k on first break goin to 500/1k/100
Brent Hanks
85k at first break ....Building a castle this level.
Daniel Buzgon
53k on first break. Table about to break. Going to 500 1k.
Jeff Madsen
285k first break
Ebony Kenney
What an uber swingy start of the day for me! First break w 56k. Have a ton of chips still. Watching videos of my kids.
Trevor Savage
24.8k firs break got moved to great table going to 500-1k/100

Brandon Novena
Just played first two levels. Still in with $32,000.
Eric Haber
End level.....42250 going up to 5k/1k (100)....out of comfort zone but oh well.

Todd Terry
53300 at first break. 53 BBs.
filipp khavin
19k on 1st break, grinding
Jonathan Little
At 105k. I made 2 decent hands and piled money in then won a flip for 55k.
tim faro
On 1st break today cone back to 500/1k 100A with 100k. Pretty good table, I'm feeling great looking forward to doing work. 

Lee Childs
49k on break. Going to 500/1000/100.
Lars Bonding
I hate color ups for several reasons: 1st, my number of chips decreases, 2nd, TD's always start the process while playing, DON'T do that!
Gordon Eng
Down to 54k. Blinds going to 500 1k for the next 75mins

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