Monday, September 19, 2011

Event 20: High Tech Poker

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH 

Temel (left) Keeping Tabs on Table 15

It's been less than six months since internet poker was shutdown and we've already seen players making adjustments.

Not only are on-line pros forced to play more live games, but they've had to adjust to life without the tools available on the net, unless your Burak Temel (Falls Church,VA).

Temel wasn't fazed by losing things from poker sites like hand histories and note taking, he's simply brought it with him to Borgata.  "I've been tracking hands for the last couple of months," says the full time pro. "It works for me."

Temel enters data from every hand he plays into his iPad with information from one hand looking like this:
+3000 AsQd9d w/ EP raise 2000 flop. V folds.

Translation: Temel wins 3k chips on a board of A♠ Q 9 with A J off suit. He called an early position raise to 800 and 4 players to the flop. Temel bet 2k on the flop and his villain folds.

"I play the table as it is and adjust my game accordingly," he says while treading water at the 30k starting stack."

Temel Tracking the Action

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