Monday, September 19, 2011

Event 19: Spiros Markatos - 1st Place

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Spiros Markatos - 1st Place - $93,259

Spiros Markatos (Long Island) is your 6-Max Champ.

His key hand yesterday was when his K-K crippled Jeff Papola holding A-J off.

Spiros took those chips and kept building all day today.

He was at risk against Jeremy McLaughlin and won an important A-Q vs. 8-8 race after spiking a queen in the door.

Both players had ~1.3 million when Markatos flopped a set of fives against McLaughlin's nut flush draw. Fives held, Spiros became chip-leader, then took care of business.

This is his largest Borgata cash and he thanks his wife Hope for giving him the opportunity to play both days.

"I'm basically a social poker player who got some luck today" said our humble winner.

"Finally one for the good guys" exclaimed railbird friend Iris.

Eddie showed his support as well comparing the win to something out of a Rocky movie.

Congrats again to our 6-max champ on his impressive victory over a field of seasoned professionals and heavy hitters.

Tonight Spiros Markatos carries home, the Borgata trophy, the Blue Shark Optics sunglasses, and $93,259 - well done!

Iris - Hope - Spiros - Eddie

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