Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event 19: Hortin Hears A Chip Lead

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Dylan Hortin - Chip Leader - 325,000

Dylan Hortin (Tempe, AR) has the most chips in the room with 325,000. Dylan flew in from Arizona to play in this event and the Championship.

Dylan has to deal with Borgata player Daniel Chan who is also at his table.

Second in chips looks like Javier Fernandez (San Juan, Puerto Rico) with 240,000.

Top 42 get paid.

42nd gets $1,790 and first gets $93,259.


  1. proud as hell of your play Dylan ! wish I was there with you ! good luck tomorrow, play your game, I'm sure you'll do great! keep us posted...;}

  2. Nice stack ! ;} I'm happy as hell for you ! Nice Pic !