Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event 18: 15th Place - Kaiser

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em 

Daryl Kaiser shoved for  143k and got looked up by Randy Pfeifer on the button.  Daryl's pocket 9s were in bad shape against Randy's pocket Tens.  The Tens held up on he board of  8 8 4 Q Q and Randy doubled up.  Daryl was left with only about 12k.

 Daryl Kaiser

A couple of hands later, Daryl had only 1k left after posting the ante (1k) and big blind (8k).  Freg Goldberg (utg) raised to 20k and chased everyone else out.  This rime Daryl was ahead with pocket Jacks to Fred's pocket Tens.  The board came Q 5 5 6 A and Daryl tripled up to ~30k.

A few hands later, Daryl was all-in for 23k and Ben Klier called from the big blind, showing A8 off-suit.  Daryl held K8 suited and was in bad shape.  The board came 7 5 3 4 Q and Ben took the pot with Ace-high.

Daryl Kaiser (Clarkston, MI) finished in 15th place, earning $2,086.

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