Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event 16: Kenny Fagioli - 7th Place

$1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

Kenny Fagioli - 7th Place - $14,317

Kenny Fagioli was short stacked for a good part of this final table. He finally shipped his last stack of gray in the hi-jack and was called by Mark Baatz in the cut-off.

Fagioli's 10-8 vs. Baatz' QQ.

Board: J-2-7-6-7 with three non significant hearts.

When Kenny saw the queens he said, "Bad timing" and knew it wasn't looking good.

Mark's heater continues causing him to joke, "I'm done for the least I improved one spot from my finish last year."

Kenny was a good guy to talk to and the entire table showed respect as they said their farewells.

He'll add $14,317 to his Borgata Bankroll.

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