Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event 16: Kunal Patel - 1st Place

$1500 + $150 + $500 Bounty Big Stack NLH

Kunal Patel - 1st Place - $100,225

Congratulations to Kunal Patel (Houston, TX) who takes down Event 16. Kunal takes home the trophy, the Blue Shark Optics sunglasses, and a whopping $100,225 in first place prize money.

He credited some of the win to his having position on John Racener and Orson Young at the final table. Kunal amassed a chip lead that allowed him to coast for a while.

Orson caught up but Kunal took him down quickly once they got heads up.

Patel started the day with 63,000 in chips and ended the day with all of them.

He also knocked-out 12 bounties which was the most out of all 246 entrants.

This Kunal's only Borgata Poker tournament cash since it's the only Borgata tournament he's ever played in. "I flew up from Houston to play in the Championship" said Kunal.

$100,225 - what a nice appetizer to the main course coming up.

Says hi to all his family following the borgatapokerblog at home in Houston.

Congratulations again on your huge victory and two days of well played poker.

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