Friday, September 16, 2011

Event 17: Thao Huynh - 9th Place

$350 + $50 Big Stack NLH

Thao Huynh - 9th Place - $2,702

So if your at home wondering if you can play with the pros and seasoned veterans at Borgata, Thao Huynh (Falls Church, VA) just came in 9th place for $2,702 and it's only her second ever tournament. Yesterday was her first.

Friend Tony taught her how to play and rode the rail the entire time. Thao folded 7-2 with a short stack in the small blind, then in the big she shipped 125,000 with A-10 of hearts.

"I got it in good" said Huynh who was called by Ronal Israelashviliz who tabled K-9 off.

Board ran: 7-9-6-5-5. Two pair good enough to oust Thao.

That table collectively said, "nice job" as she departed.

That means Colleen Lewis is our Last Woman Standing.

Colleen won a monster double-up against Owen Beck. Colleen A-K vs. Owen A-J.

Board ran: 8-K-5-10-K.

Looks like Colleen has a chance to be the last person standing as well.

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