Friday, September 16, 2011

Event 17: Gene Santora - 8th Place

$350 + $50 Big Stack NLH

Gene Santora - 8th Place - $3,986

Gene Santora (Long Island, NY) has been on a good poker run lately taking down a few tournaments. Today he fell short of his first place goal but did the best he could after being card dead for several orbits in a row at the final table.

Up against monster stacks, Gene called from the big blind after Leonid shoved with A-Q.

Gene tabled K-9 and the board ran clean for Leonid - 3-6-10-2-3.

Realizing he just won $3,986 Gene said, "that's my buy-in for the Main I don't have to satellite in."

Gentleman Gene said thanks to all before he left - thanking the players, the staff, and the blog.

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