Friday, September 16, 2011

Event 17: Owen Breck - 7th Place

$350 + $50 Big Stack NLH

Owen Breck - 7th Place - $5,337

Owen Breck started his drive from NYC to Borgata 24 hours ago to play in Event 17. The road ends for Owen at 7th place.

He admitted he ran good most of the day winning every important coin flip except the last.

With 250,000 left Breck bets all of it on pocket 10's. Roland pops it a million to isolate.

It's 10-10 vs. A-K. A-K found a king on the turn and that spelled E-N-D for O-W-E-N.

Breck enjoys $5,337 for a 7th place prize.


  1. Lol, just in case anyone reads this, what I admitted was I ran good at the final table, not in the whole tourney. I survived a number of all-ins there that helped me to move up a couple of spots, although I had the best of it every time. But I was card dead and short stacked for most of the tourney. A little luck earlier and I would have crushed Roland. ;-)