Friday, September 23, 2011

Event 23: Anthony Colombo - 2nd

$250 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

Anthony Colombo - 2nd Place - $10,202

Anthony Colombo (New York, NY) played great all day and just fell short heads up against Cuong Phung. Going into heads up he was outchipped 3 to 1.

The final hand of the tournament went down like this - Anthony jammed his remaining 690,000 holding A-3. Cuong Phung thought and thought and finally made the call tabling Q-6.

Phung's live cards saw a flop of Q-7-3.

Both players hit one of their cards on the flop but Colombo would need to improve if he was going to stick around.

Turn: 8
River: 9

Anthony like to make appearances in Borgata Championships and deep stack tournaments.

He'll take home $10,202 for his impressive 2nd place finish.

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